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JK-E2 链条式叁色印刷开槽机(经济款)

2016-7-22 浏览:
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◆ 本机采用电脑对版调整并配有记忆功能。
◆ 该机可完成多色印刷开槽分切压痕开槽,并且在吸收了同类产品的基础上,采用气动供墨。
◆ 墨辊与印版自动着墨与脱离。
◆ 自动匀墨。
◆ 印刷滚筒不停机 360 度调整。
◆ 采用气动锁紧电动分离。
◆ 设有自动刹车机构,机组分离后,刹车机构锁紧周向位移,保持印刷机位。
◆ 可配同步调刀等功能的全新设计,具有外型美观,结构紧凑,印刷清晰度高,套色误差小,调整方便准确等特点,提高了工作效率延长了设备的使
◆ 该机有单色、双色、三色、四色可供用户选择。
◆ 自动送纸机选配



◆ This machine adoption computer adjusts to the version adjustment and have the
memory function.
◆ That machine can complete multicolor printing slot 、slotting in dentation slotted on
the basis of same products use the pneumatic ink supply.
◆ Ink roller and plate inked and separate automatically.
◆ Automatic even ink.
◆ Printing foller the adoption moves 360°mutually with non-stop.
◆ Adopt pneumatic locking and electrical detachment. With automatic biaking mecha
nish when the fi ght ciew separate
◆ The brate locking keep printed seats.
◆ Have the shape beauiful,construction tightly packed,the clear degree in
printing ,adjust convenient and accurate etc.characteristics,increases work
efficiency,prolonged the service life of the equipments,is the cardboard box
profession ideal and advanced printing.
◆ The machine has single-color,double-color,three-colorand four-color available for
◆ Automatic feeding machine (optional)