JK-A 高速水性印刷开槽模切堆叠机 ( 真空吸附、上印、移动开合式 )-精科纸箱机械有限公司
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JK-A 高速水性印刷开槽模切堆叠机 ( 真空吸附、上印、移动开合式 )

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欧美设计理念,通过欧洲 CE 认证,各单元移动机组,真空传送印刷,弯曲纸板准确传送;印刷套印更准;可配置热风、红外线或紫外线(UV),实现网点满版涂布纸印刷;触摸屏 PLC 整机设定;可储存常用订单;远程维护,快速排除设备故障;机油自动一衡装置,保持各单元机油在同一水平;中央纸尘收集系统。适应涂布纸网点印刷,或牛卡纸印刷。可配合印刷粘箱连线,或堆叠机。

With Europe and America design philosophy,pass the European CE certification,each unit moving part,vacuum transfer printing,wrap cardboard transfer accurately;Overprint more accurately;equip with hot air,infrared or UV is available;Achieve full dot coated paper printing plate;touch screen PLC full machine setting;can store common orders;remote maintenance;ruled out equipment failure quickly; oil automatic a balancing device;to maintain the each unit oil in the same level;Central dust collection system Adapt to coated paper lattice print or linerboard print,equip with flexo folder gluer inline or stacker machine is available.